Serac Adventure Film School: Avalanche Awareness

Thanks go to Icebreaker Australia and Michael Brown for making this awesome opportunity available to me. I was lucky enough to recieve a scholarship from Michael Brown of the Serac Adventure Film School and a sponsorship from the team at Icebreaker. Icebreaker has come aboard as a sponsor of not just myself but also the the backcountry film school I will be attending. They have kindly donated an Icebreaker Oasis Crewe to each student of the film school and to each instructor involved with the film school. I know from experience of using the Icebreaker Oasis Crewes and I know everyone will be kept warm dry and comfortable when we are ski touring and snow camping in the Colorado backcountry.

The Adventure Film School aims to make students complete an adventure such as hiking into the Colorado backcountry and snow camp whilst creating their own story.  The film has to be completed within the week of the film school because on the last night there is a film festival of sorts with all the students films being screened. A bit of pressure there but sometimes you need that motivation to just get on and do it and not procrastinate about the film you want to make forever.

I’m hoping to keep an updated blog about my experiences on the film school and I’ll post my film up on the site as soon as I can. Once again a big thank you goes out to Michael Brown and the team at Icebreaker Australia for making this amazing opportunity available to me.


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