Adventure Film School Finished

Serac Adventure Film School

Adventure Film School has finished and every student created an adventure film from concept to public screening in one week. It was an amazing experience! The Serac Instructors were in a word AWESOME, they have a wealth of adventure film knowledge which they passed onto every student. I believe they went above and beyond, taking a personal interest in every student as well as organising, packing and cooking for us all, this allowed us to be fully focused on our own films.

I decided to do a short character piece on local Boulder identity and weatherman Joel Gratz. I could really identify with his story of ditching the corporate job and going out on ones own. Joel is a meteorologist, fanatical skier and entreupeneur, so with all that in mind he has launched a website called He offers his readers a local snow forecast allowing them to be fully informed of where the best skiing and snow conditions are in Colorado. With the fickle weather and so much great skiing to be had in Colorado it’s not an easy task but Joel takes all the numbers and technical weather data he can get his hands on to then provide a forecast which is also an entertaining read.

I tried to make a short film which highlighted the personality of Joel and what the motivation was behind his decision to quit his job. Joel was nice enough to let me crash on his couch after the snow camping portion of the school which was awesome because I don’t think I could have faced the Boulder Hostel again. I think he really wanted to keep an eye on me as I put together the film, he was great though. I don’t think I could handle someone following me around with a camera for three days to then have myself put up on a big screen for everyone to watch. Thanks Joel! VIDEO COMING SOON…

Thanks also go to the Serac Adventure Film School for inviting me to come along to this awesome event, I really appreciate all the help I recieved from them and everything I learnt on the course. Also thanks go to Icebreaker who were kind enough to sponsor me again to fly to the otherside of the world in pursuit of a dream. All the students and instructors were over the moon at receiving an Icebreaker thermal top.

Well I’m in the Vancouver airport with winter olympic athletes walking around the place and I’m getting ready to go film a ski film in BC. Stay tuned for more…

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