BC Backcountry Trip

The snow hasn’t really been falling, I believe it has something to do with the Winter Olympics being held in Vancouver. Otherwise the weather knows we’re here with a camera and has got shy. We’ve been camped out in Nelson for over a week now waiting for some good snow to drop. In the meantime we have hiked into free natural hot springs at sunset, had the sled run out of fuel and left it overnight and got some skiing done after long hikes into the backcountry.

I put together these 2 little clips of the day we hiked into the back bowls of Whitewater. Whitewater is a ski area on the outskirts of Nelson, BC and it only has 2 lifts. Don’t let the fact it only has 2 lifts fool you into thinking it’s a small resort. From those 2 lifts there is an incredible amount of backcountry terrain on offer. You just have to be prepared to put your skins or snowshoes on and hike for it and that’s exactly what we’ve been doing. We were finally rewarded with some great powder skiing of the west slopes of Mt Ymir behind the Whitewater ski area.

Here’s a couple of short clips of me and Henry skiing yesterday, just a bit of a teaser of the powder runs we filmed and hope to film more of.

SueMe Skier from Jack McCowan on Vimeo.

Whitewater Tele Turns from Jack McCowan on Vimeo.


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