Taransky Bamboo

I recently spent an afternoon with Nick Taransky at his workshop in Quenbeyan, Australia. Nick is a keen fly fisherman as well as a fine craftsmen, hand building bamboo fly rods in his workshop for a living. It was a great day as Nick is obviously passionate about his craft and keen to spread the word on how good bamboo fly rods are especially on small bushy streams encountered all over Australia.
Here’s an extract form his website explaining the the sustainable and enviroonmental benefits of using a bamboo rod.
Hand splitting and planing bamboo fly rods is an environmentally friendly art. Bamboo is a renewable material. The vast majority of the rodmaking craft is performed with hand tools, minimising the use of electricity, while allowing maximum control and care in working the bamboo. Although some metal components, adhesives and varnishes are used in constructing rods, a bamboo rod is fundamentally a natural product. N.A. Taransky Bamboo Rods is an Australian owned and operated business. taranskybamboo.com.au.
This video has been featured on a number of blogs both fly fishing and social/culture blogs, it seems there is quite a bit of a handmade movement going on. I guess with the ever increasing technology advances creeping into our lives coupled with the tendency for everything to be mass produced it’s great to actually stumble upon a craftsmen who makes everything by hand, therefore making it a one off. Something to be cherished by the owner for years to come.

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