Working at Melbourne Football Club

I’ve landed a pretty sweet gig working at Melbourne Football Club, basically my job is to be their full time video producer. I’m pretty stoked to get this job as it means I can work full time on improving my videography skills in all areas. It’s a pretty challenging role working for a professional football team as their is always a lot happening but hopefully I can still pump out some good work under the time constraints of short deadlines.
Here’s a sampler of some of the stuff I’ve done in the first 3 months working at the club, I’m looking forward to challenging myself to some bigger projects going forward.

Above is a video I produced for the MCG big screen tribute to the life of Jim Stynes. All I had was an old playing highlights reel the club had been given by one of the television networks. I cut out as many of the close ups as I could find, gave it a different look with magic bullet looks and added a track by Jan Morgenstern which I found on . I think the track works really well with the commentary and the overall mood I was trying to go for which was one of celebration.
Below is a series of videos I produced for the Melbourne Football Club Commencement Dinner which is a black tie function marking the start of the season. It was the first time the Melbourne Football Club Blazer had been handed out to the modern players, a tradition which has been reinvented at the club of presenting all players with a blazer emblazoned with the football clubs coat of arms. I had to somehow make the night make sense and bring out what the blazer represents. To do this I simply interviewed 3 former captains and legends of the club, Ron Barassi, Hassa Mann and John Beckwith. I think these videos really added to the night and helped people embrace the idea of reintroducing an old tradition.

Ron Barassi

Hassa Mann

John Beckwith

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