Flights to Tonga booked


Fishing Tonga

Well it’s official! Tonga is going to happen with my flights booked yesterday it’s all go for 2 weeks of fishing in Tonga. The plan is I will be flying in on the last day of Ed’s exams for his online degree, hopefully some celebratory Ikale beers before undertaking some serious fishing expeditions.

Stay tuned for a more detailed plan of this fishing adventure project but species on the cards in Tonga are many including:

  • Blue, Black and Striped Marlin
  • Yellowfin and Skip Jack Tuna
  • Mahimahi
  • Wahoo
  • Sailfish
  • Dogtooth Tuna
  • Blue fin Trevally
  • Giant Trevally

Ed has a 16 ft boat called Blah Blah to handle the game fishing and trolling side of things. But there is also an opportunity to explore the many reef and flats systems provided in and around the Tongan islands in search of Bonefish. We are both kitted out with 8 weight Pro Angler fly rods, although I’ll have to make a trip to the store to pick up saltwater flies and some backing for the trip.

More details of the trip to come soon as we finalise an itinerary for the 2 week trip. Watch out for more posts of other projects which are in development which include my trip to ski Gulmarg, India for 7 weeks and James’s road trip up to the Sunset Sounds music festival with surfboards in tow.


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