Hakuba, Japan ski Trip


Hakuba, Japan Ski Trip

Who: Andie McMaster & Jack McCowan

Where: Hakuba, Japan.

What: A ten day ski trip enjoying the increasingly popular powder of Japan. At the moment I am a 9-5 worker living in the beautiful city of Melbourne. Don’t get me wrong- I Love my city life and job. But skiing is my other passion, and therefore my annual leave shall be dedicated to it first and foremost. Call me sad, but for the last 12 months, my computer passwords have contained the words “japan” and “2009” (in some way shape or form). My reward for being chained to a desk, however, is 2 nights in Tokyo, then on to Hakuba, with a stopover in Japan’s Olympic city, Nagano on the way.

If you are looking for a posting about a hard core ski trip, perhaps refer to Jack’s posting on Gulmarg, India. This Japanese adventure is definitely for the passionate, fast-moving skiier. What completes the trip beyond that is a touch of sight-seeing, relaxation, celebration and a bit of romance. As far as I’m concerned, this is the complete package, and I’m looking forward to every single second.

When: Andie and Jack will depart for this whirlwind tourist expedition on 28th December 2008 and return on 9th January 2009. Better pack the vitamin B supplements (and Jack, no sleeping in!). {/column1} {column2}

Looking forward to:

  • Touring around Tokyo, experiencing local food, fish markets and culture
  • Experiencing Nagano in all its described majesty
  • Skiing the powder and runs that Hakuba has to offer, from dawn through to dusk
  • Relaxing with Japanese beers and local sakes, both in our lodging and about town

Oh, and…

  • trying out my traveler’s Japanese, phrase book in frantically flicking hand {/column2}

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