Tonga Time


Tonga Time

Who: Jack and Ed

Where: I live and work in the Kingdom of Tonga a small Pacific island group that lies north of New Zealand. Of the 151 islands that make up the Tongan island chain this trip will be dedicated to exploring the islands and reefs that make up the Tongatapu group as I own a sprightly little 16ft boat aptly named ‘Blah Blah’.

What: Method of fishing is weather dependant, which can be fickle in the tropics, but expect some light tackle game fishing for big tackle species including the use of our fly rods which is sure to create some mayhem on the boat. Some night fishing is on the cards to tackle some monsters of the deep as well as targeting high octane species such as Trevally with our trusty 8 weights on the flats and reef systems. The Tonga trench (second deepest ocean trench) lies east of the island of ‘Eua. As an added highlight a trip to fish the east side of ‘Eua on a local skiff after making the 2 ½ hour ferry ride is a major possibility. Watch out for this one!

When: Two weeks starting November 6th, 2008.{/column1} {column2}

Looking forward to: Subduing a 10kg plus fish on the fly rod

  • Night fishing for monsters of the deep
  • Fishing the east side of ‘Eua near the Tonga trench
  • Climbing a few coconut trees to make some fresh tropical cocktails as we camp on a deserted island in the Pacific

Oh and ….

  • having two weeks off from work!


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