Tonga Fly Fishing Plan

Ed’s Tonga Fishing Update

Well the time is closing before Jack arrives here in the Kingdom of Tonga for an action packed fishing adventure. I wish I had more time to dedicate to planning the trip but as Jack mentioned in a previous post I have a looming exam on Nov 6th and to top it off I have a major assignment due shortly. So it is study, study, study for me at the moment.

Having the carrot of a looming adventure to go salt water fly fishing in Tonga is proving a strong incentive to maintain my focus on my study.

But as we all know the mind cannot help but wander and my thoughts keep turning to what will be in store for us….

During the September fishing competition Fiona and I headed out to Dido and Hyaen Shoal. This is the furthest point we have traveled in Blah Blah as we were blessed with virtually no wind. These shoals lie 20 nautical miles from the Nuku’alofa harbour as the crow flies, but with outlying reefs and islands to get to these shoals the boat ride is considerably further.

The weather was so still that we stopped trolling our lures and drifted just over the drop off so I could bottom bounce with a lead jig. Just as my lure got past the 20m mark a nice sized Wahoo cruised out from the shoal and came directly to the back of the boat, so close I could have leant overboard and gaffed it. As soon as I saw it I started cranking the lead jig up as quickly as I could to try and get it in front of the Wahoo’ nose. But a combination of an old one geared overhead Penn reel and the Wahoo losing interest quickly meant I couldn’t take advantage of the situation quick enough.

So my mind has been occupied to return to the same spot armed with some burley and my 8 weight Pro Angler fly rod rigged and ready with Jack to drop a saltwater fly enticingly in front of the jaws of a feeding Wahoo. I’ve been told by some old salties that Wahoo have been clocked stripping line at 80kmh. Not sure if an 8 weight is capable of landing it but what a ride it will be if it hooks up!

But it is back to the books until then, well not really, Fiona and I are planning a dive this weekend. There are some great reefs to explore scuba diving in Tonga, so I am looking forward to that. A nice study break as a reward for getting my assignment handed in!

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