Sunset Sounds Surf Road Trip

Summer Road Trip

Who: Jimmy, Max, Chloe and Dee

Where: Sunset Sounds Music Festival, Gold Coast.

What: Jimmy will be spending New Years at the Pyramid Rock music festival before jumping in the car and driving up the east coast of Australia to back up once again for the Sunset Sounds music festival on the Gold Coast.

The aim is to surf as many beaches on the way up and generally have an awesome summer road trip hanging out with mates.

When: They will be leaving a couple of days after the Pyramid Rock music festival in Phillip Island and driving up to the Sunset Sounds Music Festival starting on January 7th.

Looking forward to:

  • seeing the Kooks live
  • going on an awesome road trip with mates
  • surf as many East Coast breaks as possible

Oh, and…

  • beer

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