Adventure Project: Ice Fishing Canada

Ice Fishing Canada Video

 I have just put together a short video of a day Ed, James and I spent ice fishing during our stay in Canada. As part of the adventure project I am going through lots of footage I have taken to see what could be put to good use. It was an awesome day with each of us catching three plump lake trout. We started off fishing in the ice fishing shacks in heated comfort but with the fish count reading Jack 2 lake trout, Ed 1 goldfish sized lake trout and James donuts we decided to move outside into the -20 degree sunshine. The action picked up there with all three of us hooking into some nice fish.

It was a great day with our guide Jeff Perodeau from Banff Fishing Unlimited, he had some great stories and didn’t mind having the video camera pointed at him while explaining the finer points to ice fishing. Jeff also cooked up a mean lunch of lake trout fillets fried in butter and served with mayo on a toasted bun. What I remember most from that day is the saying “That’s why it’s called fishin, not catchin”, good times. Putting this video together made me think I can’t wait to go on my Tonga fishing trip. I’m leaving next Thursday, which has really snuck up on me as I need to get my fly gear together, my video gear and generally just organise myself to go away. Ed and I are crossing our fingers for good weather and even better fishing but you’ll have to wait and see the results which I’ll post up here after my return.


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