Tonga Trip Update

Adventure Project: Tonga Time

I am coming to the end of my 2 weeks in Tonga and this is the first opportunity I have had to get to a computer.

What’s been happening in Tonga?

Well Ed and I have spent most of the last week on his boat Blah Blah, fishing. We had some great early action with 4 different hook ups on Marlin including a double hook up with sailfish. Each hook up sent the boat into chaos with wild runs and leaping fish right at the back of the boat. Unfortunately we lost all of those fish mostly due to severed leaders which when finally reeled back to the boat were absolutely shredded.

We did manage to boat some great fish during the week a 10kg Mahi Mahi, 3 Skipjack Tuna all around the 10kg plus mark!, an 11kg Yellowfin Tuna and 15kg Wahoo to round things off. As you can guess we have been enjoying a very fishy diet for most meals but we  have given away a lot of the fish to some local families and other friends of Ed’s in Tonga.

Other things we have been up to include camping on deserted islands, fly fishing the flats over low tide, snorkeling and skurfing which is being towed on a surfboard behind the boat. I must admit I was a little nervous, the water which was over 30 meters deep and reports of a homing device from a New Zealand tagged Great White Shark that had washed up on Tongan shores earlier in the week. Apparently it is believed they don’t inhabit Tongan waters as the waters are too warm but it looks like that idea could be incorrect. Even if there isn’t a big population of Great Whites in Tonga they have plenty of other sharks which make their home in the waters of Tonga. Just fly fishing the flats we have seen quite a few sharks stalking the waters and coming in for a closer look at our legs.

I do have a few more days left in Tonga and the weather has become a bit stormy but we are planning to head out on the boat again and get some more fly fishing done and also see if we can’t hook up on a few more fish and fingers crossed a Billfish will hit our lures and give us one more chance to get one to the boat. 5th time lucky!


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