Gulmarg 2009 Trailer

Gulmarg, India

Been sorting through over 12 hours of footage and photo’s of my time in Gulmarg. January and February of 2009 saw 8 instructors volunteer their time and pay their own way to get to Gulmarg, India to teach local kids how to ski and snowboard. It was hard work but a great experience.

The theme of the video is ‘what adventure means in a place like Gulmarg.’

It’s a look at what it’s like to travel, ski and work in Gulmarg, India and why adventure is important not only for people going on their own adventures but the people they touch along the way. We will look at 2 volunteer instructors and their different motivations for coming to Gulmarg as well as the adventure of Sophia the only girl out of 100+ students to be taught by the free ski program in 2009.

I should be finished with the final edit by the end of June 2009 and I am hoping to enter it into the inaugural Tasmanian International Adventure Film Festival (TIAFF) to be held in Hobart in September 2009. Fingers crossed it will make it into the festival!

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