World Nomads Documentary Scholarship

Each year World Nomads runs a series of travel based scholarships from travel writing to 3 minute video documentaries. I entered the documentary competition this year and created a 3 minute video from the footage I shot in Gulmarg, India whilst there as a volunteer instructor. The theme for the video had to be based on ‘a journey into an unknown culture’.

The winner wins a mentorship opportunity of a lifetime to travel on assignment to Vietnam and shoot their own short documentary which may be played on the Nat Geo Adventure channel. An experienced documentary maker will accompany the winner to mentor them throughout the whole experience.

I thought I might enter just to see how I go and how my entry compares to the other videos being uploaded. To see more World Nomad documentary scholarship entries go to the Nat Geo Adventure Blognote website.

The music is by a mate of mine Tony Goring, the track is called ‘To Drown or Get the Bends’. Tony and I are collaborating on a documentary which will be about 20-25 minutes long and will focus on the experiences of the 8 volunteer instructors and the 2 months they spent in Gulmarg, India. Tony has written and recorded some songs which will feature in the film as well as composing a number of soundscape and background tracks which will add to the overall feel of the film. More info about the longer doco comming soon.


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